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How to Retire Happy: 3 Tips for Living the “Good Life”

How to Retire Happy: 3 Tips for Living the “Good Life”
Closeup side view of a senior couple riding a jet ski on a sunny summer day at open sea. The man is driving quickly through the waves, and the lady is hardly holding on. Caught in the moment of max speed.

For a lot of people, retirement is the ultimate reward after years and years of hard work. Of course, that perspective is usually held by people who are still a decade or more away from actually retiring. As retirement gets closer, a lot of people start to feel nervous and even anxious about this next period in their life.

What will it actually be like?

The goal, of course, is to be happy, to enjoy every moment of your newly found free time. If you’re looking for tips on how to actually live the “good life” once you hit retirement, try one (or all) of the suggestions below!

  1. Set Up a “Paycheck” You Can Count On. Money and finances top the list of why people nearing or entering retirement start to get nervous. To counter these fears, find ways to give yourself a paycheck during retirement – one that is predictable and big enough for you to enjoy those small things that make you happy. Whether this paycheck comes from passive income (like rental properties) or a reverse mortgage, studies have shown that the happiest people in retirement are living off of more than just their 401(k) or IRA.
  • Don’t Feel Like Everything Has to Change. While retirement does offer an opportunity for you to change what you don’t like about your lifestyle (like that long commute to the office), it doesn’t mean that you should change everything about your life. If you enjoy spending time with your friends from work, for example, make sure you stay in touch with them and plan time so that you can keep that friendship alive. And, if you love your work but are ready to retire, find a way to keep your toe in what you do, whether through mentorships, volunteer work, or even part-time opportunities.
  • Discover New Hobbies. Retirement gives you the wonderful opportunity of having more time to enjoy those things you’ve always wanted to do – like learn a language, join a club, or honing a skill. Take advantage! Don’t be afraid to commit to something new. In fact, the more immersed you are in a new hobby, according to researchers, the happier you’ll be throughout your retirement!