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Are You a Retiree? If So, Find out Why This Financial Planner Urges You to Learn About Reverse Mortgages!

Reverse Mortgage expert, Jamie Hopkins, recently published his new book on the subject of retirement strategies entitled Retirement: Rewiring the Way You Think about Retirement. Hopkins is a well-acclaimed and knowledgeable financial planner and professor. Therefore, when he speaks about incorporating the Reverse Mortgage into a retirement strategy for a senior homeowner, one can undoubtedly trust his expertise.

Are You a Retiree?

Hopkins introduces the idea of Reverse Mortgages as a “long-term retirement planning solution.”       An Associate Professor of Taxation at the American College of Financial Services in Bryn Mawr, PA, Hopkins is no stranger to advocating for the use of Reverse Mortgages. He states, “if properly used, the Reverse Mortgage can be one of the best features of your retirement income plan.” Since Hopkins is also a financial planner, he can offer sound advice. He has gone to great lengths to write about Reverse Mortgages in publications such as Forbes Magazine.

As Hopkins’ presence continues to emerge at various conferences and events, he observes that “almost unilaterally, across the board, everyone sees that the Reverse Mortgage is being underutilized.” At least three to four years ago, the idea of some groups, like the AARP, being open to Reverse Mortgages would have been non-existent. “You probably wouldn’t have believed it,” he said. “They are all taking it very seriously; the role that Reverse Mortgages are going to play.”

Hopkins boasts the benefits and features of the Reverse Mortgage, but his background as a Financial Planner also gives him the ability to reflect on the detailed explanations of the potential downsides and strikes back at the notion that the product is for those seniors who are down-and-out. He concludes that “this is an underutilized asset and tool for Americans.”

Reverse Mortgage Answers appreciates the knowledge and advocacy for Reverse Mortgages from Jamie Hopkins. We hope that you found this information useful. We take great pride and pleasure in assisting thousands of homeowners with the Reverse Mortgage. To find out how we can help you, call us at 1-800-420-5515 to speak with one of our qualified Reverse Mortgage Specialists.