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Find Purpose in Your Retirement with Careful Planning

Find Purpose in Your Retirement with Careful Planning

After years and years of getting up in the morning, putting on business casual attire, and heading out the door to work retirement can be hard to get used to.  In fact, many retirees claim they feel lost during retirement because they have difficulty finding their sense of purpose. But, for those retirees who might feel lost or worried about how they will live out their post-career years, there is hope! With careful planning and a little bit of ambition, there are many ways to find purpose during retirement.  Here are a few.


Many retirees get to the days where they don’t have to set an alarm clock and realize they crave the routine a job created in their life. As much as they desire the routine, however, they do not want to be a slave to a time clock.  For these retirees, starting their own business is the perfect option. Starting a business as a retiree doesn’t have to mean building a brick and mortar store. It can mean becoming a consultant or taking on a few clients part-time with freelance work.


Retirees who crave knowledge love to use their free time to learn new skills and knowledge.  There are many courses offered by local colleges and universities as well as local organizations retirees can participate in. For some, taking a class is a way to gain social interaction, and for others, it is a means by which they can catapult themselves into a new career.


Individuals in retirement who already have an activity they love use their newly found free time to immerse themselves in it. A few examples of investing in a hobby include joining a local gardening club or taking a trip to practice photography.  There is no limit what a hobby is or how much time can be invested in it during retirement.

All of these ideas provide excellent examples of how you can spend retirement. But, if you want to be able to do them, you have to plan accordingly.  Start by creating a retirement budget to get your finances in place. If you find you need supplemental assistance to make your dreams come true consider the possibility of applying for a reverse mortgage.