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3 Tips for Successfully Transitioning into Retirement

3 Tips for Successfully Transitioning into Retirement
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Most adults look forward to the day they retire with great anticipation (some almost as soon as they start their career). But, when the day actually comes to officially enter the next stage of life, there can a lot of apprehension. From nerves to just wondering about the unknowns, retirement can pose a problem for many adults, especially at the very beginning.

In order to calm your nerves and help you make the transition successfully, here are three smart tips you can consider, whether retirement is on the immediate horizon or just sometime in the near future.

1. Tiptoe, Don’t Just Jump. Still on the fence about when’s the right time to retire? Rather than guessing and jumping all in, try doing a bit of tiptoeing first. The benefit of “testing the waters” before you make a final decision is that it can give you a taste of retirement without the commitment. A couple of ways you can do this are:

  • After retiring from your career, take on a part-time “retirement job” so that you still maintain a work schedule of sorts.
  • Get time off so that you can take a long vacation (or even a sabbatical) while you consider retirement. This can give you a taste of the freedom and help you decide if you’re ready for it full-time.

Consider Passive Income. A lot of the nerves around retirement stem from the question, “Will there be enough money”. Passive income eases this concern by making sure you have another source of income (one you don’t have to really work for) to help support your lifestyle. One of the most popular forms of passive income for retirees is real estate investment, although, thanks to the internet, there are lots of other options now, too.

Start a Club. It may sound a little cheesy at first, but surrounding yourself with other people who are retired or close to retiring can help you feel less isolated, especially when you do decide to retire. Whether it’s an official “retirement club” or just a good reason to get retired friends together, this type of social support is as helpful at this time of your life as it was during others (like graduating college, moving into a new neighborhood, having a baby, watching children leave your home, etc.)

If you’re considering retiring, what’s the biggest reason why you haven’t made it official yet? Share in the comments below!